Hi Everyone,

A while back I was taking a walk on the interwebs and found somebody sneakily doing this type of method. This is probably not anything new to the more advanced guys, but to me it was like finding a treasure chest! You see, before this I didn't make any serious money online (maybe a couple of bucks off adsense - half of which i forced my friends to click lol) so having discovered this method by accident was pretty impressive to me.

Anyways, I managed to make pretty decent money with all the poor sneaky ways that i was able to advertise it. I've attached a screen shot that I took a couple of days back. Now keep in mind that I haven't been pushing this method as much anymore either! lol

So anyways, a couple months back I decided to compile the method into an ebook because i was planning to sell it but then completely forgot about it. Now because I'm more or less sick of dealing with facebook, I'm kinda just letting the income passively die off. So if you've dealt with facebook, then kudos!

So what does this method deal with? Well it's half e-whoring, and half advertising. Everything is explained in the ebook, but to tell a long story short - you pretty much make tons of facebook profiles and lead guys onto a sneaky profile, and then have them signup. I go into more detail and state some things to watch out for

Yeah it sounds lame but damn does it work! lol

PHP Code:

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If someone wants to do a virus total on it, please go ahead - I'm not sure/too lazy to do so.

Also, if you can comment on your ability to understand the method, and whether you enjoyed the writng style it would be great