I've been doing internet marketing/online business for around 2 years now. Navigating my way through, learning to connect the dots and see what works best.

I'm currently doing a string of online business ventures with some respectable investors/businessmen I have aligned myself with after doing various bits of work for them, but while those ventures are ticking over and in development I have been doing some SEO and working on Wordpress blogs (customization and set up) and also doing some off line PC repair work. I'll be looking into additional money making methods online (as always) but, as I'm sure you all know, it takes time to find something that actually brings results without doing 100's of hours of grunt work.

This forum seems like a nice place to be, popular too. I'm a member over at the WarriorForum, but I like the black had style of things too, I don't really post there much any more but i take a peek from time to time.