Ok so I've noticed a lot of repeating scenarios across the IM/blackhat world.

People want to make money quickly, but they get terrible advise from otherwise great info sources, such as blackhatworld where there is so much good info, and then when people ask questions about link building, some idiot dodo-face says something like:

"Don't SEO new site, Google think bad... baaaah!"

These people are called Sheeple. They suffer from a disease called the repeaties. They hear stuff a few times, and just like the sheep from Animal Farm they just start spraying it on forums, and at anyone who will listen to them. Check it out it's a pretty horrible affliction:

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So, there's a few common misconceptions I want to address:

  1. SeNukeX doesn't work (or any web2.0s/article building)
  2. forum profile links don't work
  3. new sites are hard to SEO

SenukeX DOES well, and work well it does. The issue is that people are using 2010 strategies. Tier one (that is, content linking directly to your money pages) needs to be more unique. Having the same number of:

  • paragraphs
  • links in the same place in all the content
  • images
  • and using the same anchor text

are all problems. Notice how I could specify these problems? If I can say "same number of paragraphs", can Google make a filter for that? Yes they can! Can " the same anchors" be classed as a rule, yes it can!

The solution to better tier one content is in making content that cannot be grouped by such rules. The 4 examples I listed earlier can each be addressed like this:

  • paragraphs - use the
    To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 1 or greater. You currently have 0 posts.
    to pull multiple txt files of content, all with different paragraph/sentence numbers.
  • links in the same place in all the content - same as above. If you are injecting your links, then use Content Spiffer, which is the best text manipulation tool available.
  • images - USe multiple spin, and use "zero spin" syntax, like {image one|image 2||||} the last 4 spins yield no result, meaning, only 1/3 of the spin will show an image. Do this 2-4 times in an article to get wildly different image spins per senukex run.
  • and using the same anchor text - This one is pretty self explanatory. I go for:

Exact Match Keyword 20%
Phrase Match 40%
Generic Anchor Text 15%
Naked Links (plain URLs) 25%

Some people I know go for 30/50/0/20 (from the order above). Try something and see if it works for you, this is what works for me.

Forum links still work. The problem is most people are using lazy services (I spent $200 on one, and still got shit links), or they're lazy themselves.... Baaaahhh!

You get forum links indexed by adding more content. You'll notice on a forum profile page, there are many fields, this is true on many platforms (VBulletin etc). phpBB doesn't have public profiles anymore, so avoid those.

In the Hobbies field you can type in "SEO", or "Internet marketing" (just examples), or you can type in 200 chars, like "sheeple make me sick, no wonder we eat sheep, they're so fricken dumb, maybe sheeple should go on the fire too".
It doesn't sound like a real hobby, unfortunately, but hey, it gets your word count up, and the more words you have, the more likely it will be indexed. Backlinking the backlinks really helps with forum profiles. Sounds like a lot of work, but if you have XR and can leave it to run while you sleep, it really isn't.

Profiles work if you do them right.

New sites are NOT hard to SEO. You can have sites ranking in days, and all this nicey-nicey be gentle stuff may be necessary if you have a client that has a site that's worth $200k (like I do), but if you're trying to flog amazon or clickbank stuff then just start firing links. Who knows, maybe you'll kill the site. Then what? Well, you know for a fact what killed the site! You can move your content, start again, and it costs you $7 for a domain, and the time to link build and you've learned where the line is!

You will talk to 1000 sheeple on forums, and will never know the answer to "how many links should I build to a new site?". Test stuff out, don't contract the REPEATIES! What's worse, losing $7 and getting some link building practice in, or hoping people will feed you (bahhh!) answers... AND you're still just reading, not taking action?

You mix link sources:
Forum posts
Forum profiles
Articles (on article directories)
Paid Press Releases
Contextual page links

You only need 3-4 of these links types to get more stable rankings.

I would suggest cloaking affiliate links properly though, because Google does not like them on new sites. Something I've tested, not just a re-hashed sheeple theory I read somewhere.

So, I hope that's helped one person at least. Just remember Google is NOT your friend. All this soft wishy-washy "oh no, but Google said this" crap will get you no where.

Get a backbone, don't do what Google tells you to do, they don't care about you, the fact you hate your day job or have kids to feed.

Try it one day, go to your family and say: "Sorry kids, I can't make money online because I'm afraid Google won't like it. You won't have awesome holidays, and Mommy/Daddy will have to work until they're 70 and will never see you during the day."

Seriously, get a grip, you MUST build links. And lots of them too.

It pains me so much to see people suffering because they take awful sheeple advice like "do nothing, and hope someone gives you quality links". These people are not helping you, ignore them. They are not SEOs! They are not even people!

So stay away from the Repeaties. Always ask how someone has come to their opinion about SEO theory