I'll be updating this thread as I learn more..but so far, this is what's working for me really well on Pinterest:

1. Create a few boards for NON-promotional purposes. This will help you gain followers
2. Follow people!!!
3. Re-pin pins!!
4. Like pins!!
5. The above 3 are VERY important for getting followers. Everytime you do one of these actions the pin owner gets an email with a call to action to follow you from Pinterest. People see Pinterest as a fun game right now and WILL follow you, like and re-pin your pins if you interact with them. I suspect this will change over time..but for now it's a traffic goldmine.
6. Make 1 or 2 promotional boards, but don't saturate it with promotional pins. When you make the pin, put the URL you are promoting first, before any description, just like you would on YouTube.
7. Put the Pinterest button on your site's images. There are plugins in the DL section of this site for this.
8. Search the Pinterest site for people pinning to your niche. Pin something they will like, and then start following, liking, repinning them. They probably won't know what you're up to, and will likely start following your pins.

This is off the top of my head, but if I think of anything else I'll update. This is pretty much what all these Pinterest WSO's are saying.


1. Keep in mind that most of Pinterest's visitors are woman. Pinterest marketing won't work very well for power tools and the like for a while :P.

2. Here's one of my own strategies that's working for me VERY well. People LOVE infographics, and they go viral very easily. Create an infographic in Illustrator or have it made on Odesk (it's worth it), post it to your blog, put the Pinterest button on it and drive traffic to it. If it gives value, it has a very good change of going viral.

Don't make the infographic too text heavy, and make sure it looks nice.