Hi Paypercall Affiliates,

My name is Neil and we are looking for paypercall affiliates that can drive calls into our call center, we are a marketing company handling inbound and outbound calls for several clients. We are looking to explore inbound calls from paypercall affiliates.

If you think you can you can send 20 quality calls or more to us daily, please get back to me. The payout will depend on each client offer and other factors; we pay as much as 20 for 5 minute call as long as it is not a bogus call.

Unlike the traditional paypercall networks, we send you daily call report via a CSV file, the reports tells you time of call, length of call and outcome of the call.
We provide you with a DID that tracks all the calls.

Reporting is sent daily 3PM CST
Payout is NET 15
All marketing channels are accepted EXCEPT incentivized calls

If you are interested in learning more about how to get started, please contact me. We will only accept 15 applications. This will enable us measure our ROI within a short period of time.
I am not sure of the forum rules if I can leave an email or phone number. I will appreciate if someone can let me know if it’s ok to post my contact details.