Hello Everyone, This is no kind of site promotion or stuff like that, this is my web hosting company
and am offering a promo which is valid after 1000 redemption on Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting and
Master Reseller Hosting and is limited to one order per account. I decided to do this because of people
out there who want to start hosting their website or start a hosting business but they donít have the
necessary capital needed. You donít have to be scared as I can personally Guarantee at least 99% up time,
also total backup service is included for each c-panel account and our server is backed up at a time period
to prevent further loss of client data in case of accidents or eventualities.

Go to
and use the promo code when it takes you to the checkout page according to the plan you selected.

All Webhosting Plans to $1.99 for 6 months
Promo Code:

All Reseller Plans to $4.99 for 6 months
Promo Code:

All Master Reseller Plans to $6.99 for 6 months
Promo Code:

The offer doesnít affect domain price, you can buy domain with VJ Softwares at $10.99 for .com
(check our website for other prices) or buy a cheaper domain from promos on other site and simply
update name servers.

After using VJ Softwares Hosting Service for the time period and donít want to continue please
simply disable auto renewal in your payment processor or in your client area, or after the time frame,
the new charges will be automatically deducted from your account.

Please feel free to drop message in case of questions or encountered problems.